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Pomegranate Clock
Special Offer

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Special Offer
This beautiful clock was specially commissioned by a customer but the order was never fulfilled. As it would make such a lovely gift for someone special we are offering it to you, during this festive period, at a reduced price.
Was 179.99 - now only 139.99
One only - first come first served!

This beautiful clock is completely hand made on the island of Sicily, following all the traditional methods that have been in place for centuries.

The Pomegranate Clock is mounted onto a decorative ceramic tile which has first been made by hand and then painted by hand. It is decorated with ripe pomegranates and delicate blue flowers in colours synomymous with the warmth and history of Sicily. The tile has then been mounted into a hand carved frame made from solid wood which has been treated to give it a white antique effect.

The size of the painted ceramic tile is:
Height: 20cm (7.87 inches)
Width: 20cm (7.87 inches)

The overall size is:
Height (highest point): 30cm (11.81 inches)
Width: 26cm (10.24 inches)
Thickness: 2cm (0.79 inches)
Weight: 1kg (2.20 pounds)

This item is made to order and takes a minimum of three weeks.

As this decorative ceramic and wooden clock is made by hand from beginning to end, each one will vary slightly, but, each will be totally unique.