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Height: 34cm (13.39 inches)
Width: 37cm (14.57 inches)
Depth: 12cm (4.70 inches)
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Burano (fuchsia)
Versatile leather bag in many colours

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The Burano is a good sized, versatile bag made from the highest quality, genuine Italian leather which has been naturally dyed to a range of stunning colours

Burano versatile shoulder bag - details

  • Primarily a shoulder bag with medium length straps
  • Straps can quickly convert the bag to a backpack
  • Straps are wide, soft & strong
  • Single interior compartment
  • Closes with a full length zip

Primarily a shoulder bag it has straps which are not too long so that it can be comfortably carried close to the body and also in the hand or over the arm. The clever straps quickly convert this beautiful bag into a backpack enabling you to carry a slightly heavier load without damaging your back. The straps are wide, soft and strong making the Burano leather bag easy to carry in any position.

Inside there is one single compartment and the whole bag closes by means of a sturdy, full length zipper.

100% made in Italy