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Height:23cm (9.10 inches)
Width: 35cm (13.80 inches)
Depth: 14cm (5.50 inches)
Handles: 62cm (24.40 inches)
Weight: 0.70kg (1.54 pounds)
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Asti (leaf green)
Genuine polished calf leather

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The Asti is an elegant bag made of genuine, Italian polished calf leather.

Asti Versatile Shoulder Bag - details

  • Rigid structure
  • Decorative flap with twist lock closure
  • Handles are long and thick
  • Carry as handbag, over your arm or as a shoulder bag
  • 2 internal compartments
  • 2 internal pockets, 1 zipped & 1 open

It has a rigid structure and a simple, but decorative flap with a twist lock closure. The handles are long and thick, making it easy and comfortable to carry in your hand, over your arm or as a shoulder bag.

Inside the Asti shoulder bag has two compartments, one with a zipped pocket and the other with an open pocket for phones and keys.

This extremely elegant bag is both modern and practical, with the interior compartments being larger than they look. There is certainly plenty of room for all your everyday essentials and the layout of the bag makes everything easy to find.

Handmade in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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