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Length of entire pen: 20cm (7.87 inches)

Gift Box
Length: 24.5cm (9.65 inches)
Width: 12cm (4.72 inches)
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Feather Quill (purple)
Elegant bronze calligraphy quill

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Made in Venice, on the edge of the lagoon, these beautiful goose feather quill pens are high quality and totally hand made, making each one unique. The goose feathers are neat, compact and dyed to traditional colours. The pen section is made of white bronze and is beautifully engraved.

Feather Quill Pen- details

  • 1 quill pen
  • Goose feather
  • Chiseled white bronze pen fitting
  • Vintage dip pen nib
  • 10ml bottle callagraphic ink
  • Elegant gift box
  • Entirely hand made in Venice, Italy

These stylish goose feather quills make an interesting, unusual and much appreciated gift.

100% made in Italy