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Length: 16cm-18cm (6.30-7.09 inches)

All measurements are approximate
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Cloe Necklace (azure)
Simple, elegant and classy Murano glass necklace


The Cloe necklace is simple, elegant and classy, with just five Murano glass beads, all of the same colour, spread out over a sterling silver chain. This necklace never fails to please, goes with everything and can be worn at any time.

There are five main Murano glass beads which are of a medium size, round and flat, and all are interspersed by one single small white bead. The coloured beads have additional minerals added to the glass to give a twinkling effect.

The Cloe necklace is adjustable and closes by means of a modern, strong, secure clasp. All clasps, chains and other parts are made from sterling silver.

The Nen Venezia brand is designed and made in Venice, is authentic and totally unique. Every single piece is made by hand which means that the colour and shape of the beads may vary slightly.

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