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Height: 25cm (9.80 inches)
Width: 23cm (9.10 inches)
Depth: 17cm (6.70 inches)
Shoulder Strap: 90cm (35.40 inches)
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Todi (tan/brown)
Cute, versatile leather bag


The Todi has to get the prize for being one of the cutest, and most versatile, leather bags in our collection.

Made from genuine Italian soft leather it has a pattern stamped on the outside and, for its size, is very roomy. Although it is classed as a cross-body bag it can easily be converted into a bucket bag, a shoulder bag or a backpack. Added to this, it is light and comfortable to carry in any of the configurations.

On the outside, it has a buckled strap and there is a large, zipped pocket on one side. The bottom of the Todi handbag is protected by four metal studs. The whole bag closes fully at the top by means of a sturdy double-ended zip. Inside there is one compartment with a small, zipped pocket on one side.

The strap on the Todi handbag is long and has a zip running down the centre for the whole length of the strap. It is attached to a ring on one side and the other side has a clasp which can be hooked onto the ring on the bottom of the bag, either passing through a larger ring at the top or not. This strap allows the bag to change into different styles, please refer to our pictures to see more clearly how it can be used.

Handmade in Florence, Tuscany, Italy