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Height: 26cm (11.24 inches)
Diameter: 10cm (3.94 inches)
Weight: 0.40kg (0.88 pounds)

All measurements are approximate
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Fusione Classico
Colourful, intricate ceramic candlestick


Handmade in Sicily using age-old Sicilian pottery techniques, this stunning Fusione Classico candlestick will brighten up any room and will be much admired. The intricate design is hand painted over the top of an enamel glaze and then given a second firing which is what makes the colours so vivid.

This Fusione Classico candlestick is of a standard height and has a sturdy, rustic shape. It is suitable for a medium or tall but slim candle in plain white or one of the bright colours taken from the design.

The Fusione Classico candlestick is handmade, consequently, each one will be slightly different and totally unique. They are made to order and will take around three weeks to complete.

Handmade on the island of Sicily, Italy