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Height: 38cm (14.96 inches)
Width: 41cm (16.14 inches)
Depth: 16cm (6.30 inches)
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Torino (sage)
Smart, decorative leather shoulder bag


The Torino is a lovely new leather shoulder bag from Bologna and has an unusual and attractive strap.

Torino Shoulder Bag - details

  • Genuine Italian leather
  • Large shoulder bag with classic shape

  • No decoration on the bag itself
  • Highly decorative strap with attractive chain in gold colour
  • The handle is not too long
  • The handle is slightly adjustable
  • There are zips down each side allowing for adjustment to capacity
  • Single internal compartment
  • Internal pockets
  • Closes with a full width zip

This is a lovely bag with a few innovative touches. The decoration on the handle is beautiful and an unusual touch. The adjustable handle allows the bag to be carried in different ways and the zips down the side allow for larger capacity without ruining the shape of the bag.

100% made in Italy

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