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Height: 38cm (14.96 inches)
Width: 36cm (14.17 inches)
Depth: 16cm (6.30 inches)
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Novara (taupe)
Soft leather, highly fashionable backpack


The Novara backpack is a good size and is made from very soft, high quality Italian leather.

Novara Backpack - details

  • Made from the highest quality Italian leather
  • Very soft to the touch
  • Fashionable and practical
  • Medium to large size
  • The backpack is completely plain other than the woven leather flap
  • No external pockets, zips or compartments
  • The wide, flat straps are fixed but fully adjustable
  • A small handle on the top makes it easy to carry in your hand
  • Single, spacious, interior compartment
  • Internal pockets
  • Closes with a leather drawstring
  • The flap is secured with an adjustable buckle

Although fairly large, the Novara backpack is not heavy and is extremely comfortable to carry. The soft, supple leather and wide, adjustable straps make this the perfect fashion accessory for those with back problems.

100% made in Italy

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